PEO Regulators... Why ESAC is Important

The Alliance for PEO Electronic Compliance

The Alliance for PEO Electronic Compliance (APEC) was founded in 2012 by four former state regulators with the financial support of ESAC. APEC was formed as an independent non-profit corporation to facilitate more efficient and reliable regulatory compliance for all PEOs in support of the industry's strategic growth initiative.

Alliance for PEO Electronic Compliance (APEC)APEC's mission is to work with regulatory agencies, ESAC and the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) to achieve more efficient and effective PEO regulatory compliance by:

  1. Promoting a cooperative alliance between the PEO industry and regulatory agencies;
  2. Using the alliance to achieve a uniform reporting format for commonly required compliance information; and
  3. Developing and providing electronic compliance services for use by all PEOs.

Many aspects of APEC's structure and function are patterned after the highly successful National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), which processes millions of online regulatory filings each year for the insurance industry.

Using this model, APEC will develop and provide electronic compliance services that help PEOs:

  1. Know when and how to comply with state registration and licensing requirements;
  2. Verify state regulatory compliance with expert assistance on a scheduled basis;
  3. Complete repetitive state forms and filings in a more efficient and reliable manner;
  4. Demonstrate to state agencies the benefits of adopting more uniform and effective regulatory requirements; and
  5. Work with state agencies to develop a standardized web platform for electronic filing of applications, forms and documents.

All state agencies responsible for PEO regulation are encouraged to participate in APEC's cooperative effort to make PEO regulatory compliance more efficient and effective. More information can be obtained by contacting APEC staff.