ESAC Program Overview

PEO Industry Partners

Accomplishing ESAC's mission of building integrity and trust and providing assurance for the PEO industry would not be possible without the cooperation and support of ESAC's Industry Partners:

Alliance for PEO Electronic Compliance (APEC)

Alliance for PEO Electronic Compliance (APEC)The Alliance for PEO Electronic Compliance is an independent non-profit corporation established to facilitate more efficient and reliable regulatory compliance for all PEOs. APEC's mission is to work with ESAC, NAPEO and regulatory agencies to promote efficient and effective PEO regulatory compliance by (1) promoting a cooperative alliance between the PEO industry and regulatory agencies; (2) using the alliance to achieve a uniform reporting format for commonly required compliance information; and (3) developing and providing electronic compliance services for use by all PEOs.

APEC's services are vital in helping ESAC accomplish its mission of building trust and providing assurance to the public... an essential component of the industry reaching its ultimate market potential for servicing small to mid-size businesses that are the backbone of the economy in every state.

APEC Service Provider Partner Program

In support of its mission, APEC's Service Provider Partner Program (1) supports APEC's development of electronic compliance services to facilitate more efficient and reliable PEO regulatory compliance; (2) helps the industry's strategic growth initiative by building trust and promoting goodwill with PEO regulatory agencies that otherwise could be detrimental to growth by making PEO expansion more burdensome and costly; and (3) benefits participating Service Provider Partners through a variety of opportunities to effectively showcase their services and demonstrate their support to over 800 PEOs.

Through both their financial and professional advisory contributions, APEC's Legacy, Founding and Sponsoring Partners are strong and dedicated supporters of the PEO industry.

National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)

NAPEOThe National Association of Professional Employer Organizations is the PEO industry's leading trade association and the leading source of PEO education and public and government affairs coordination. NAPEO's mission is to (1) promote a set of professional standards that address financial, legal and ethical performance; (2) educate members, regulators, legislators, consumers, and suppliers; (3) promote the adoption of consistent state and federal laws and regulations; and (4) promote a favorable industry image.

NAPEO provides valuable support in ESAC's efforts to become approved as a national assurance organization for PEOs by state registration and licensing agencies. NAPEO membership is an important investment for all PEOs because of NAPEO's many contributions to the overall success of the industry by establishing legal certainty, expanding market opportunities and providing important continuing education and public affairs support on relevant emerging issues such as national healthcare reform.

Certification Institute (CI)
Workers' Compensation Risk Management Certification Program

PEO Workers Comp Risk Management Best Practices certificationCI administers certification programs for the PEO industry including the Workers' Compensation Risk Management Best Practices certification program for PEOs. This certification provides independent professional verification that a PEO's risk management program is meeting proven insurance industry risk management best practices to reduce work-related accidents and health exposures and control WC insurance losses. Certification gives PEO client business owners assurance their service provider has the capability to deliver important risk management results. Certification also provides WC insurance companies with ongoing assurance that a PEO is in fact implementing industry best practices in a consistent and effective manner.